So I’m not sure if this is old news, since I tend to be behind the times and out of the loop, but it was new news to me. So for anyone who’s like me, Allen Ginsberg’s HOWL has been made into an independent film starring James Franco, who apparently makes a very sexy and convincing Ginsberg. The film is directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, and also stars Mary-Louise Parker and Jeff Daniels. The movie consists of an interview with Ginsberg (that is, Franco as Ginsberg), his Six Gallery reading and his obscenity trial, each weaving in and out of focus throughout the film. It is currently playing in select theaters throughout the country, none of which are in L.A. However, it is playing in San Francisco a couple of times in the next couple of months. The link to view theaters is:

I personally have not seen the movie, just the trailer. Which I rather liked, except for the weird bit at the end. If you watch the trailer you’ll see what I mean, or totally disagree with me which of course is perfectly valid. P.S. the site says it’s also available on cable VOD. I had no idea what that meant until I Googled it and apparently it means “video on demand.” See? Behind the times.