For the seventh year in a row, Crewest gallery is hosting their Top of the Dome series in commemoration of the Day of the Dead, Downtown style. Invited artists from various artistic visions received a white ceramic skull to modify as they pleased and will display their creations at Crewest throughout the month of November. In previous years, there have been contributions by graffiti artists, urban impressionist, pop surrealists, muralists, sculptors, and all sorts, creating a cornucopia of colorful and surreal little skulls that range from dark to beautiful, hilarious to profound. Prices are not too steep and you may end up with a beautiful skull in your hands for as low as 25 dollars.

This year, George Yepes (muralist, painter, tattoo artist, etc) is the invited artist, known for his Mexican symbolism infused by a sensual art deco style, ala Klimt.

Day of the Dead, as originated in Mexico, is a time to join together as a family or community and remember the dead with mementos such as skulls, marigolds, or special meals. Many people will visit their family’s tombs on Nov. 1’st and bring tokens or symbols that give the holiday its festive and slightly humorous tone. What better way to celebrate than getting together to presence the beauty that can flower on the face of death. Although the U.S. may not traditionally be very comfortable staring into the fate of our skulls, Crewest brings the tradition to light in a lighthearted and eclectic way. Visit the show and see the many faces of LA artwork.

Come to the gallery’s opening party this Nov. 6 from 6-9 pm @ Crewest. For more information, check out their website.