PANDEMONIUMIn 1991, a non-traditional dance troupe called STOMP first impressed audiences with their energetic, comical and ingenious musical show. The show centers around skits where the performers create rhythm out of everyday objects, like an iconic scene where dancers strap trash cans to their feet as unusual percussion instruments. Since then, STOMP has performed all over the world, earning several awards, breaking box office records, and changing preconceptions of what music and performance should be. Now, from the creators of STOMP, a musical group called The Lost Orchestra is bringing their new show, PANDEMONIUM, to Royce hall.

While STOMP was focused completely on rhythm, PANDEMONIUM uses unlikely instruments to recreate every section of a complete orchestra, plus human voice. This added complexity plus the visual comedy audiences have come to love and expect from STOMP creates a chaotic, hilarious spectacle, but also presents a beautiful original score and a satisfying concert experience.

For students the tickets are only $20, and for others they range up to $60. Though it is a unique opportunity to see this show at Royce, if you can’t make it, don’t despair. If it’s anything like STOMP, PANDEMONIUM will be coming around again and again.