I’m very much a fan of romantic comedies. More specifically, I’m a fan of good romantic comedies, which seem to be a dying breed. When Harry Met Sally, French Kiss…. a couple of my favorites. Made of Honor, for instance, not so much. I know romantic comedies are not exactly searing with truth, or life-changing. But that’s part of why I like them, as long as there is something original or real there, in the characters or the situations, ironic, comedic or otherwise. I like to be diverted. But not nauseated or bored. I haven’t actually seen How Do You Know, but I read a review of it on the New York Times website and watched a few clips. Basically the review assessed the movie as such: trite, with convenient simplified characters and no moving force or substance. Flat. The clips I watched didn’t exactly light me on fire either. A couple of people commented on the review and said that they fell asleep watching it. One person loved it. LOVED. I myself sometimes disagree strongly with reviews, but given the trend of recent rom coms to be stuffed with clichés and sappiness, I think I’ll opt out of buying a ticket to see it. If it eventually makes its way to HBO and onto my television one lonely (and perhaps pathetic) night, I’ll check it out.