So I’m a huge fan of Cinefamily events at the silent movie theatre on Fairfax and Melrose. They play a bunch of really neat movies, spanning the spectrum from experimental shit you haven’t seen anywhere else to animation to silent films to movies you watched as a kid. They also do a bunch of live music to films. Every day there’s something new.

They only play silent movies Wednesdays. The rest of the week is also awesome. Thursdays in February they’re doing French films. Double features and horror movies on Fridays. Late Saturdays in February they have “holyfuckingshit” movies, freakily twisted movies that will thrill you.

Here’s their website:

Dogtooth-One-Sheet.jpg (550×367)

I really want to see this Greek film Dogtooth, originally Kynodontas and they’re playing that January 7 to January 13. It got a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes so I’m legitimately psyched. The film centers on a creepy/crazy dysfunctional family. The parents keep their three teenage kids confined to their property, and the father is the only member of the family allowed out. The parents have invented another brother, who they claim was ostracized for his disobedience in order to scare their children into submission. The father tells his kids that cats are monstrous creatures and they should bark at them like dogs to scare them away. The son sees a cat in the garden and kills it, and his father uses the cat’s presence to kill off his invented son, reinforcing his kids’ fear of the world outside their estate. Pretty twisted. The only outsider allowed onto their property is a woman paid to sexually relieve the son. The woman then enlists the daughter for some lesbian action. Intense and bizarre, but should be a cinematic adventure.

Take a look at what this local theatre has to offer. They’ve got artsy fartsy, horror, silent, classic, whatever you’re into. It’s good to support smaller places that don’t cost an arm and a leg. I went to the Arclight recently for Sophia Coppola’s latest movie and their holiday pricing had me paying $32 for my sister and me. They might as well have taken a kidney at the door.