It’s the universal truth, but seems to be especially apparent here in Los Angeles.  The city is bountiful in it’s farmer’s markets, organic, vegetarian, and vegan options, and even districts of non-western culture, familiarizing Los Angelenos with popular dishes they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to sample.  But as of late, Los Angeles has proven to be ahead of it’s game in food trends, popularizing the epitome of healthy, social, and on-the-go Los Angeles cuisine by catering to the city that relishes in it.

Food trucks have been popping up recently as one of the most favored food trends within Los Angeles, and have distanced themselves from their dismissive nickname of “roach coaches” and have raised the bar by introducing a wide array of dishes distinctive enough to satisfy the exquisite Los Angelenos palette.  For the past couple of years, food trucks have peaked in popularity, making continuous appearances at concert venues, busy street corners, and anywhere that would draw a crowd.  Now they have an event just to themselves, which takes place every Tuesday night from 5:30-9:30 on the corner of Main St. and Ocean Park in Santa Monica and is appropriately deemed “The SM Food Truck Lot.”  The low key event consists of flavors to fit every taste bud, and recent contenders include the Lobstatruck, Ludo Truck, Lake Street Creamery, Kabob N Roll, Meso Hungry, and Global Soul among others.  Residents eager to take advantage of the hoarding of the food trucks in a single locale are offered free parking at the museum lot as well as free bicycle valet.

Farmer’s markets aren’t a new venture in Los Angeles, but combined with the refined taste of Yamashiro, one of Los Angeles’ classic and most aesthetically stunning Asian restaurants, and under the stars, rather than the hot rays, Yamashiro’s night market is the exotic fusion of Los Angeles night life and a foodie’s ideal night out.  Based on the design of a traditional Japanese temple and occupying a breathtaking view of the city atop a hill, the lush gardens and $2 million constructed landscape is the perfect scenery and backdrop for which one can enjoy live music, fresh and local produce, baked goods, honey, cheeses, and wines among other commodities offered.  The Yamashiro night market makes it’s highly anticipated comeback April 7th and will be ongoing every Thursday night.

In line with the presumably quintessential healthy and wholesome Los Angeles appetite, Jamie Oliver, more famously known as “The Naked Chef” has invaded Westwood with revolutionary aspirations to deliver to the citizens of Los Angeles a newfound change in eating habits, while revealing his methods and philosophy behind approaches to cooking and eating in a healthy and appetizing manner.  Initially proposing the idea of going into an actual school cafeteria within the Los Angeles area and revamping the lunch meals as he did in Huntington, West Virginia in season one of his documentary type show “Food Revolution,” his initial tactic has been hampered by the LAUSD, who aren’t accepting of his manifesto.  Extending his method of eating and cooking to all of Los Angeles is no easy task, and while the benefits of reaching out to such a culturally and economically diverse community would create a substantial amount of revolutionary success, the means by which Oliver will be taking to spread his message will be portable and take place by way of mobile kitchens in the form of food trucks.  His restaurant and directing kitchen of sorts in Westwood is the foundational stage through which Oliver will spread his message and share his approaches, catering to classes of 20-25 people at a time, in which signups for are free by emailing