Well, we all know that I love a good art installation. And this one is no exception. Advertised in LA Weekly, the artist known as Terry Allen is offering a Western take on the “patron saint of artistic madness, Antonin Artaud“. And what does that mean? Well, it means that this artist now is showing the latest, fully developed version of “Ghost Ship Rodez: The Momo Chronicles,” the project about the French playwright and theater revolutionary.

A Texas native, Allen graduated from the Chouinard Art Institute (in LA) in the 60’s, inspired by theories of artistic abandon. As a result, madness and art are familiar themes in Allen’s work, but the real surprise in “Ghost Ship Rodez” is how his most characteristic environment — a broad “Western” space that includes the Texas panhandle, New Mexico, California and Mexico — fit his peculiar vision of Artaud’s descent into the most unstable period of his life and career.

So check out this unique homage to this French playwright at the L.A. Louver until April 16th!