It’s a new year.  While everyone else is working on maintaining their New Year’s Resolutions (and a great number have already fallen off the bandwagon), publishing companies are struggling to make sure they project themselves into the future.  As the publishing industry struggles and sales fall, the major companies are innovating new ways of selling books, and getting people to read them.

What are the industry’s predictions for this coming new year?

1. Rise of the e-book. E-book sales grew in 2010 as more and more indie authors started publishing their books electronically, and they will only continue to do so in the coming year. According to the publishing blog Galley Cat , e-books will account for 20% of book revenues. That seems like quite a hefty amount for what is still a relatively new phenomenon, but the increasing accessibility of e-books makes them all the more appealing. E-books are cheaper, are available through popular retailers such as Amazon, and can be read anywhere. Read the rest of this entry »