If someone were to tell you to write a 100-page script in one month, you’d probably think he or she is joking. But for the tens of thousands of people participating in Script Frenzy, this task is no joke. Script Frenzy is a free, international online event in which anyone and everyone in the world is invited to write 100 pages of an original script in just the month of April. Participants create an account on the Script Frenzy website and starting April 1st, they can update their page count and work till it climbs to 100.

Why would anyone surrender themselves to such a daunting task as furiously scribbling as much material as what normally takes months or even years? For the million dollar prize of course! Not. Script Frenzy, just like its partner NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), does not award cash prizes for the many people who complete the challenge of writing the 100-page script. Instead, prizes include “happiness. Creative juices. Pride. Laughter. Bragging rights. A brand-new script.” In addition to these wonderful prizes, the Script Frenzy website comes equipped with a forum for participants to share their thoughts and build a community of old and new screenwriters, playwrights, authors— just people searching for an adventurous month full of creativity.

This is the place where one can hold another’s hand in the effort to give birth to that 100-page creation all in one month’s time. What better way is there to get your story out than alongside ten thousand other struggling writers in the international Script Frenzy!

To participate, create a Script Frenzy account and begin writing!