So, if you ever had followed the Westwind blog, you will notice that there hasn’t be a new post since January. But be on the lookout: the blog is back.

At the same time, we’ll shortly be introducing an entirely revamped main Westwind website, mostly thanks to the hard work of senior art editor, Brian Armstrong. And to go along with the new site, we have a new URL (although it currently leads to the old site).

Avoiding the lengthy and confusing strings of HTMLs and words that comprised our two previous URLs, the new one is much simpler and more direct:

While this post tends towards announcements like a church bulletin board, you can look forward to future posts, which will cover all the same great arts news, coverage, and pontificating, both local and universal.

And don’t forget to submit.

This really has nothing to do with the changes listed above, but check out this interesting article from 2002 featuring our very own Boris Dralyuk.