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On Christmas, my brother handed me a pretty sizeable box. I unwrapped it to find more boxes and even more taped surfaces. “Oh no,” I said out loud, conscious of what I was in for. I tore the gift down anyway, layer by layer, one empty box after another, to finally get to a glass penguin no bigger than my thumb. I placed it upright on my palm and looked at it, and that’s when I discovered the secret to being cute:

You have to be tiny.

Everything seems more adorable miniaturized. Babies’ toes are just delightful. The adult version is, well, not so much. Ferocious creatures like lions, bears and dinosaurs are endearing when we imagine them to be just three inches high. Even the tiny robots in Transformers drew a couple of “aww”s from the audience (despite the fact that they were shooting at people).

Likewise, in writing, there seems to be a growing interest in shorter and shorter stories. We’ve always had novels, novellas, and short stories; we’re even able to compress our thoughts into pieces of flash fiction. But today, the expansion of the internet has allowed writers to have more control over their weblogs and web magazines, to make their pieces more widely read, reviving an interest in extremely short stories that would take web-surfers only a few hundred seconds to finish. Mostly known as micro-fiction (or tiny stories, tiny fiction, little stories, very short stories, and possibly even extremely-ultrally-superduperly-mega-short-stories) these pieces are usually just a couple hundred words, and they are definitely just delightful. Read the rest of this entry »


by Jeffrey Song

Figure 1A

Figure 1A

Dear Internet,

It’s hard enough to deal with heartbreak, to have your tender beating heart ripped straight out of your chest, torn to bite sized pieces, and shoved into a Blendtec blender set to “Pureed Despair,” to be made to suck that thick smoothie of remorse and self pity through the world’s thinnest straw (Will It Blend? Yes. Yes it will). See figure 1A.

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by Melissa Joffe


Last weekend, my friend at CSU Long Beach told me she sold two pairs of her used panties for $150 on Craigslist. She wore each pair, which she had bought in a package from Target, for a full day, and spent only about $2, giving her a total of $143 in turnover, minus the cost of gas for a 15-minute drive to meet the man from Irvine half-way.
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